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Jessica Makowske is the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at Victory Collegiate Academy. She spends her days helping our teachers write lessons, analyze their data and
work to achieve their classroom goals. Ms. Mak started her educational career as a preschool teacher in 2004. Since then, she has worked in elementary, middle and high school classrooms and was awarded the title of Apache County Teacher of the Year in 2014. She recently worked for the Arizona Charter School Association as their Lead Trainer. In this role, she traveled throughout the state of Arizona working to help teachers increase their student achievement, with some schools making gains of up to two letter grades in one year!
Ms. Mak embodies our Healthy Body Healthy Mind mentality by biking to work, practicing yoga, and rock climbing. Having previously worked as an Environmental Educator for National Geographic Expeditions, she loves to spend her free time camping and hiking with her puppy, Harper. 

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