Adam Morales is the Principal at Victory Collegiate Academy.  With almost a decade of professional experience working in education here in Arizona, Adam has spent all of his career working in communities and schools in Mesa, South Phoenix, Central Phoenix and parts of West Phoenix teaching, coaching and leading classrooms across all grades and content levels.  Adam will be leading our Curriculum and Instruction here at VCA by coaching teachers at the individual and team levels providing learning spaces and professional development that facilitates all teachers growing and demonstrating results!  Adam has also partnered with teachers and school leadership to reimagine the curriculum by ensuring that instruction is meeting and exceeding the rigor of the highest levels in Arizona so all students have access equal to or better than any school or classroom in the state regardless of a student’s background.  Adam is passionate, energized and determined to do whatever it takes to ensure that VCA is rated an A-School and is committed long term to work alongside the teachers, students and community!