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Admissions & Enrollment

At Victory Collegiate Academy, we believe education transforms lives. That’s why we invite you to review the information below and start the admissions process with us today. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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We know that VCA will be successful in helping the children of the Maryvale community not only reach their academic potential, but be VICTORIOUS in every aspect of their lives.  We would be honored if you would allow us the opportunity to prove it.

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Admissions Process

Click the button below to access all of the forms you need to apply for admissions. You can download them in English or Spanish.

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We are a tuition free school, but we do have assistance for students who need a little more. Our Angel Program allows community members to donate to sponsor a student throughout their school year.

Contact Us

Please send us a message with the following information and we will get in touch with you. (Por favor envíenos un mensaje con la siguiente información y nos pondremos en contacto con usted.)

Name (Nombre) *

E-Mail *

Phone (Teléfono)

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How can we help? (¿Cómo podemos ayudar?)

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I would like more information about the school (Quisiera más información sobre la escuela).

I would like to start the enrollment process (Me gustaría iniciar el proceso de inscripción)

Message (Mensaje)

Child #1 Name (Nombre del niño # 1)

Child #1 Age (Edad del niño # 1)

Child #1 Current Grade (Niño #1 Grado Actual)

Child #2 Name (Nombre del niño # 2)

Child #2 Age (Edad del niño # 2)

Child #2 Current Grade (Niño #2 Grado Actual)

Child #3 Name (Nombre del niño # 3)

Child #3 Age (Edad del niño # 3)

Child #3 Current Grade (Niño #3 Grado Actual)

Thanks for submitting!

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